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Posted: Jan 27, 2014

2018 Rules
If there are any questions contact Matt Jones or Scott Bohle

CLASS Options

We welcome ALL karters and will find a suitable class for any safe kart to participate in.

5 karts to make a class

Junior Junior (age 5-7yrs)

Anything safe and slow for this non-competitive learning class.

196cc AKRA clone or any type clone of that engine with maximum displacement of 200 cc's

.425 restrictor between carb and manifold

Fuel tank must be removed from motor

Shoe/drum clutches only

Junior 1 196cc AKRA legal clone (age 8-11yrs)

Same as Junior Junior above, except:

.550 restrictor between carb and manifold


Junior 2 196cc AKRA legal clone
(age 12-15yrs)

Same as Junior 1, except:

No restrictor required.


Junior 2 KT 100 (IKF engine rules)

4-Hole can exhaust


Adult Sportsman

Non competitive adult class for beginners or those that just want to have fun!

Any safe kart and motor package.

Adult Stock 4 Cycle (15yrs+)

196cc AKRA engine rules

Drum style clutches only

Must run approved exhaust and muffler


Adult KT 100 pipe (per Burris engine rules)(15yrs+)


Adult F200 (per burris rules)(15yrs+)


Unlimited all-stars(open) (18-up) per uas rules

Weight rules available upon request

Rear axle diameter 50mm maximum

Overall width maximum 55 inches

Sprint chassis (straight rail) may compete per Speedway rules

Wedge type bodys ok must be made from flexible plastic, no taller than 26 inches from ground at the rear axle, no front or rear wings ,and no splitters aloud on any karts. Only class exempt from this rule is UAS

No tire prep at track except for open only tire washing aloud no heating of tires in non open classes before races

Burris TX-22 or TX-33 tires only in all class but open

All classes must use approved exhaust with mufflers if required (clone +f200)

Spec fuel will be from local approved fuel station 92 octane gas station will variery per track

All 4 cycles strait fuel

Kt100 spec fuel plus 8oz per gallon burris blend only